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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nanobacteria: Are They Messing with You?


24 Tevet 5769

I've been reflecting on compliments I've received since returning from the USA. People keep remarking how "Well" and how "Young" I look, despite rigorous international travel, despite that messy cold I caught from bitterly cold weather conditions (my body isn't accustomed to such low temperatures), AND despite my age (I became old enough to vote long, long ago).

My conclusion: I look so well because
I AM (increasingly) WELL!

Unlike so many other (overweight and sickly) people guzzling nutrition-challenged sodas, sugared juices filled with preservatives and swallowing food lacking the full compliment of minerals and vitamins nature could have provided, I ingest pure nutrition.

My organic foodstuffs (including pure juices and water) nourish me so much that my bodily defenses are in far better shape than those of many peers.

I have vitality.

My meals haven't been robbed of nutrients by poor soil, a cocktail of food colorings mixed with chemical preservatives, flavor enhancers, and goshknowswhat added to chemical-oozing plastic packaging.

Do you know the source of the word "Vitamin"?
It's VITAlity + MINerals/VITAMIN.

That vitality, minerals and all, goes efficiently into my blood, skin and muscles because I don't destroy it with too-high heat from overcooking. My cooked foods rest on low heat instead of boiling away their building blocks for a healthy life.

Most of my meals are raw fruit or vegetable salads. I don't ruin the vitality of my meals by drinking chemically-laden water processed by local water treatment programs. I sip pure water. I tend to my composted, organic garden with rain water and nutrient-packed ocean water.

Ocean water and pure foods seem to put up a winning fight against a monster that the medical world only recently recognized: Nanobacteria. They sicken living creatures.

Why don't conventional antibiotics and other medications remove nanobacteria from our bodies? They protect themselves in a sort of "shell" that seems immune to a drugstore's chemical warfare.

Hmmm, if you've read those articles, you now know that the theories about nanobes and nanobacterium are leading to increasing amounts of serious study. Stay tuned for further developments.


1. Fill up on nutritious FOOD as I do. Eat genuine food, drink pure water, and dump those vitality-challenged and highly processed "vitamin" pills in your kitchen cupboards. They can't help you in the way good food can (check out how popular raw foodism has become. See
Taste Raw-food advocates add a dash of imagination to their cuisine)

Cook your food without chemically troubling non-stick cookware. Use cast iron skillets, enamelware pots and pans, wood and glass utensils. Store foods in glassware (I use glass screwtop jars). THAT minimizes chemical hazards to your health and fertility.

2. Perform your hygiene with simple soaps and shampoos. Use Thai stone or other minerally-made deodorants. They don't hold chemically-created scents or other harmful contents.

You could end up looking lots younger and being healthier than your age
and statistics would indicate.

And you just might knock out
those nanobes you never knew
were hiding in your body.

I am.

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To your good health,

Yocheved Golani
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