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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

GOOD NEWS: You CAN Refuse to Ruin Your Health!


3 Shvat 5769

I want to point out that yesterday's post was actually GOOD NEWS.


Because YOU CAN CONTROL what you eat and drink.

Imagine the joy of ending too many doctor visits, colds, bouts of weakness or lightheadedness simply because you sip on water instead of body/health destroying sugary drinks.

Imagine growing wealthier because you take fewer sick days off from work. Gosh, what can you do with the money you'll earn from more full workdays on your paychecks?

Count the improvements you'll accrue by ridding your diet of excess sugar: increased energy, more clear-headed thinking, glowing skin, easier trips when going to the toilet (huh? You didn't know that excess sugar can make you constipated?).

Golly. All you have to do to improve your health THIS MUCH
is to drink more water. So simple.

Here's an important tip on how to succeed with your new water-drinking habit: Make your lifestyle change slowly, not in one big gulp. Add more pure water to your menu gradually, over time.

Yes, you'll need more trips to the toilet, but guess what'll be pouring out of you? Internal junk.

Water cleans your entire body up.

Add one more glass of water to your tummy today. Add another one tomorrow. Keep adding more glasses of water (or unsweetened tea) as you can tolerate them. Making too sudden a change can backfire. Go slow and steady. Easy does it.

Oh? Did you know that wrinkles are less noticeable
in skin plumped up by refreshing water?

One more item: I've warned you MANY times about cell phone hazards to your health, and that of your children. Here's more proof about the integrity of my concerns:

to learn more simple solutions for improving your health.

For less than $20.00 you just might prevent many expensive doctor bills
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No guarantees, just a hunch that your health could improve.

To your improving health,

Yojeved Golani
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