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Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Do Christian, Latino, Buddhist, New Age Spirituality and other Interest Groups Have in Common with My Book's Content?


26 Tevet 5769

Whew, life's getting so much more interesting these days. I'm happy to report that this is a positive development.

Rick Frishman is one of those knowledegable people in the book marketing field. He mentioned something in his "Author 101" update yesterday that stood out for me. I E-mailed Rick about it. Here's what I wrote:

Rick, my attention peaked when I read this remark in your update: "In recent years, segments of society have become powerful new markets, with the two most notable being the Christian and the Hispanic/Latino markets. Substantial markets also exist for Catholic, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, New Age Spirituality, and other groups. In addition, a number of other markets exist within these individual groups."

Check out my blog
, which publicizes my very spiritual book about how to cope with medical crises (they're sweeping the world these days). The blurb atop my blog echoes your sentiments in that quote which stood out for me.

The "Resources" section of my book has information for Latinos, people of other ethnic groups, and general humanity. Rabbis, a Christian minister and an NIH researcher gave their hearty endorsements to my book. You and everybody else can read them on the

back cover of my book

There you go, readers. I invite you to read my book and give me YOUR feedback about it's universal spirituality.

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