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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reality Check: Coping with Medical Issues


25 Tevet 5769

A few people contacted me about that "I'm well" message in yesterday's post.

"Don't you still have double vision and other visual problems?" they want to know. "Aren't you still having balance and other health problems?"

Answer: YES, I still have double vision and so many other complicating factors with my sight that I plan to pursue a new course of vision therapy in the near future (I definitely want to prevent more fractures from my unexpected falls!).

As the American neuroopthalmologist who examined me a month ago put it, "Gee, it's amazing you see anything at all considering the damage you've had from that brain tumor and surgery! Your structures are a wreck!" He listed so many complications with my vision in his findings that I had to practice some relaxation techniques after hearing about them.

I continue to lose my balance without warning, and I struggle to see my monitor let alone a printed page in a book. Though I need to perform all of my physical therapy exercises daily so that I can prevent other problems, I persevere with that mantra I wrote at the end of my book.

How else am I coping with the remnants of my medical crisis? I correct typing mistakes and other errors (again and again) after I've "published" one of these blog posts, happy that I can correct my mistakes even though it's a s-l-o-www process.

At other times in my life I cry from frustration and the limitations I want to overcome. Then I re
focus on what's going right, NOT on what's going kerflooey.

My neurosurgeon calls my recovery "Amazing."

Why the amazement? Because my medical team expected me to deteriorate further even after the tumor, then killing me, had been removed. It had caused extensive damage to basic structures. Surgery had unavoidably nicked me in dangerous places, but we knew going into the process that it was a sacrifice I was willing to endure so I could remain alive.

I'm dedicated to using my natural foods and other healing techniques because they're clearly helping me not to deteriorate further. They seem to be the reason for my increasing health and my disarming appearance. "You look a LOT better than you feel," remarked someone on my new American medical team. He had studied the results of my physical and vision exams, then sighed "How do you do it? I'm surprised you can walk!"

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Anonymous said...

Your new blog is wonderfuland inspiring-keep up the great work-you are truly an inspiration.

Nechama Sarah

Yojeved Golani said...

It's so heartwarming to hear from my readers, Nechama Sarah. Thanks for letting me know I'm making a positive difference in the world.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Yocheved it was fun to get together the other day, always good to see you and the living miracle that you are. A real inspiration to anyone who has a hundred excuses.!

Shoshanna Harrari

Yojeved Golani said...

Thank you for the upbeat message, Shoshanna. I am indebted to you for your life-saving advice about my natural dining and lifestyle practices. My organic foods and healing lifestyle are time-consuming and so, so worth the efforts I make with all that. And when YOU praise me, I feel as if I've earned an A+ for efforts AND results!