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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lowering Lymphedema's Ill Effects


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My Self-Help Coaching efforts with people facing medical challenges led me to a woman with Lymphedema. Desperate for relief from the pain and swelling in her leg, she asked me for some time-honored treatments simple to use and to prepare.

Here's what I suggested.

  • STOP eating all dairy (cheese, etc.)
  • NO bread (of any kind) - you can buy sprout bread at health food shops instead

  • NO animal products (eggs, fish, chicken, etc.)

  • Drink a lot of lemon, water and cayenne mixed together

  • GO for a series of colonics

  • DRINK green smoothies (ask your local nutritionist how to prepare them)

  • EAT MANY salads and fruit, including watermelon and grapes.

  • BE in the sunshine and go to sleep by 10. Lack of sleep stresses the body.

  • Soak a 100% cotton flannel cloth with organic Castor Oil and place it on your inner thigh while resting. The oil can promote circulation. The cottony cloth holds it in place without causing chemical reactions.

Tell your medical professionals what you're doing so they can monitor progress and prevent new problems. Some techniques might work better than others for you. Some might not be advisable.

Be sure to see this interactive online resource:

Ask Questions About Cancer, Lymphedema and Exercise

Here's to YOUR ever-improving coping efforts with a medical challenge,

Yojeved Golani
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