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Monday, August 3, 2009

Strays as Pets? NOT a Good Idea Today!


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World Health Organization updated its site with worrisome news about Zoonotic (animal to human) Diseases. They're on the rise. With no known cures for the possible respiratory arrest and neurological diseases they might cause.

Those problems can lead to death.
Yours or the childrens'.

What kinds of animals pose the deadly risks?

Birds, cats, chimpanzees, dogs, forest antelope, fruit bats, goats, gorillas, horses, monkeys, pigs, rabbits and sheep. So far as researchers presently know.

Aussies are at particular risk. So are residents of Zaire. Newer global hotspots will likely hit the headlines once outbreaks happen there. The airline industry is making the nightmare far too likely.

You might want to discourage the children from bringing home strays as pets, wherever you live. And be vigilant on the farm. Stay clean.

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