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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Need Affordable, Comprehensive Health Insurance with that Pre-Existing Condition? Look Here.


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Check out this communication via the "Just for Writers" group at LinkedIn (join my LI network).

A gentleman asked members at large:

"How can someone with health problems
(muscular dystrophy, pacemaker),
who wants to write science fiction
novels and short stories for
a living, find affordable,
comprehensive health insurance?

"I've checked with writers unions
and most of them say insurers
would deny me based on
my health problems.

"I'm considering starting a sole
proprietorship so I can become a
group of one and they won't deny
me coverage. Of course, I don't
know if they'll give me
affordable insurance or cover
the various things I need because
of my muscular dystrophy and the
resulting effect on my health.

I'm hoping you've got some ideas
that I haven't thought of. I know
I can find a solution to
this obstacle."

Here's how I replied to the question:


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