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Monday, February 8, 2010

Set that Medical Challenge to Music!


24 Shvat 5770

I've been Tweeting messages about ideas in

and in this blog. Here they are:

Terrified of your medical situation? Calm down by seeing it as a game. Play to win your goals. Refuse to be frenzied.

Need solutions for Costly, Confusing & Complicated Medical Care? Treat yourself as your best friend. Stay on task.

List your needs & goals. Set priorities. Check off your to-do list as you accomplish them.

Nurture yourself with good food, good music, good reading, good vocabulary. Skip scary words. Speak reassuringly on purpose.

Laugh out loud. Share jokes, funny videos, stories and pleasant thoughts. Look back & appreciate your accomplishments.

Optimism can be self-taught. And it SAVES LIVES! Don't feel optimistic? Fake it until you do ;^ )


I suspect that my non-American readers
have not seen this video.
is the only word I can say about it,
other than sighing deeply with admiration.

Re-read those Tweets above. Patrick Henry Hughes uses those ideas intuitively. They can be learned and they can take you far.

Consider setting your life, and that medical challenge, to music. Or a cause. Let me know how you grow.

Need to learn a bit more about how he (and I) approach life and its challenges?

Coping with a Medical Crisis?
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