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Friday, February 26, 2010

Prevent a Purim Tragedy


12 Adar 5770

The Jewish world is gearing up for the exciting, fun holiday of PURIM!

Parents, teachers and vendors, you are obligated by Jewish law to protect children and everyone from safety hazards. Masks, matches, fireworks, costumes, liquor, etc. all present health concerns and legal limits. There is not one reason to endanger health or happiness by ending the holiday in tragedy.

Keep to the spirit of the day. See
PURIM SAFETY TIPS and click on any one of those pertinent messages. Celebrate as you should: with good sense and respect for other people. Enjoy the celebration of life from your sickbed, wheelchair, or other location.

And remember...

The "Ad lo yada" mitzva can be accomplished with a nap.

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