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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Prepare for Passover without Worsening Your Health!


8 Nisan 5770

Jews around the world have been busy for weeks, scrubbing their homes clean of leavened foods and their hearts of distractions. We're getting ready to celebrate Pesach aka Passover.

Do you resent the extensive clean-up involved? One way to prevent unnecessary muscle aches and bad attitudes is to do spring cleaning at a different period of time. Dirt is not the same as leavened products (chametz).

Here's a video that summarizes the more well-known points of the Jewish Freedom Festival. Enjoy the break from the scrubbing and rubbing.

Oops, somebody goofed up there. Moses' staff turned into a crocodile, not a snake. Read the original Hebrew-language account ;^ )

Here's a quick overview of
Passover's main points. The holiday begins on the evening of March 29/Nisan 15 this year.

Click on Matza 101 to learn what it is
and how it's baked.

If you have medical issues with observing Passover, please contact your local Orthodox rabbi. Ask for guidance about the diet, medications and medical equipment you're using and how to do so in compliance with the spirit of the holiday.

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