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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hang Up Your Cellphone to Save YOUR Life!


13 Adar 1, 5771

I've blogged about this before and previous editions of my book held relevant reading suggestions about the topic. Cellphones harm human health.

Scary medical evidence exists
that cell phones put you,
your kids,
even the baby
at risk for brain tumors:

Central Nervous System tumours are the greatest childhood cancer killer in the 0-15 age group in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia, having overtaken all leukaemias in each of those countries. The medical world relies on cancer-causing radiation "treatments" that might end a problem but start another...

Pregnant Women Beware!
The evidence is in that you & the baby are at risk.

Guys, you're at risk no matter your age.

Ready to hang up on the cellphone industry yet?
Nobody's safe from cellphone radiation.

STILL Skeptical??? Before you throw your cellphone at the monitor or me, read Wireless Radiation Risks.

Remember: the world turned on its axis before the digital industry dawned. World peace is not at hand due to cellphones. But inner peace could be, once you toss some danger out of your life. Gradually wean yourself from WiFi, cell phones and other radiation sources you can literally live without. Delectrify your life in gradual steps. All-or-Nothing action tends to backfire. And if you're ready to volley criticsm at me for blogging my message, consider this: I'm only online maybe 2, tops 3 hours daily (and some days not at all). Humanity needs productive face time, not more radiation.

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