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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Preparing NOT to Pack on the Pounds 1-2-3!


2 Adar 1, 5771

Ever wish you had more time to cope with life? Good news: YOU DO!

Notice the unusual date on today's blogpost: The Jewish month is literally Adar 1 as this is a Jewish leap year with an Adar 2 coming up next month!

Adar is a time of special joy when Persia's (and much of the known world's) Jews were spared mass annihilation by a crooked government minister (sounds familiar, huh?) who'd been guilty of headline-worthy crimes.

Jews around the world celebrate the miracle with a holiday called
Purim. It calls for costumes, the retelling of the Purim story (the whole megilla!) and much silliness (plus a serious sense of marvel at the miraculous end of Iraq's Israel-aimed Scud Missile War).

At any rate, lots of hi-calorie foods are shared in packaged gifts, then served at celebratory meals later in the Purim-fest day. But diners usually regret having packed on the calories despite the good-natured fun.

Here's a HEADS UP:

YOU (and everyone else in the world) have time - an extra month - to prepare better menus for Purim and any occasion. Start today, and search out delicious recipes which maximize nutrition, not calorie counts. Purchase necessary ingredients now so you can cook with ease long before the March 19/20 2011 party.

Avoid the nuisance of a boring, guilt-tripping

and health problems easy to avoid.

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