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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Watch Me TODAY on Live Streaming... Radio?


3 Nisan 5771

UPDATE: Click this hotlink to see me on radio!

Yes, I'll be speaking on the radio today, looking right at you, so to speak. Lorelai Kude will be interviewing me on Radio Free Nachalot, using Live Streaming Video at 2:00 PM this Israeli afternoon (synchronize your watches accordingly).

Trust me, my friends looked quizzical when I joked "Which outfit do you suppose I should wear for my radio appearance?" Find out which dress I chose when you acess

The show will be streamed LIVE to the web page. You can watch simply by going to the page. After the show is finished it will be uploaded to RFN's Livestream library (the livestream library's URL is

My segment will have it's own URL, which won't be available until after it's uploaded. For now, go to to watch it LIVE, and I'll post the specific URL after I learn it.

Tune in to find out whom the book is helping and why, and how it can help YOU or someone you love.

And listen in for the surprise anouncment I hope to sneak in to the show ;^ D
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