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Monday, April 4, 2011

Gmail Motion can Help People with Physical Limitations?

B'SD 29 Adar 2, 5771

This isn't as elegant an old-fashioned stationer's paper but "Gmail Motion" can be far more effective if you behave sensibly with the technology.

Gmail recently launched a new technology called Gmail Motion '>"Gmail Motion" (click on the blue bar that says "Try Gmail Motion") that enables someone to do many E-mail tasks with body motions and a web camera.

After you download "
Gmail Motion" you can fill out full sentences with a simple gesture e.g., to fill in the sentence "Have a nice day" simply wave your hand in front of the web camera.

It's possible to train the software to learn new gestures by using the "Configure" button inside the software. If you use specific sentences on a regular basis, you can define a new gesture to fill them out automatically for you.

Download the list of sample gestures at

Get information about the technology at

REMEMBER: E-mail is never private. Thousands of eyeballs can see your messages whether or not you want them to. Behave sensibly online: do not divulge secrets or sensitive information.

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