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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to Clean House - Despite Disabilities - with Simple Solutions!


23 Nisan 5771

Do you know someone facing disabilities and wondering how to cope with them? My book and blog advocate effective, simple solutions to vexing problems. Here are a bunch of cost-cutting ideas for the cost of a few spray bottles you can buy at dollar stores:

Lose stubborn stains that haven't come out in the wash! Spray the dry garment with a 50-50 mix of liquid laundry detergent and water, and then let it sit overnight before laundering the item.

Need to get rid of weeds between the cracks of your patio or sidewalk bricks/stones? Spray a 50-50 solution of bleach and water, or dish soap and water, at them daily until the weeds and immediately surrounding area are soaked. The roots will give up within a few days.

Stiff & sore and frustrated by a moldy bathroom you can't easily clean? Prevent mildew by toweling walls after a shower or bath. Remove mildew with a 50-50 solution of white vinegar and water mixed in a cheap spray bottle. Spray it at yucky spots, and then wipe away the mess with paper towels (fabric towels if you care to launder them). Support the paper or fabric towels with straight-edged mop handles (sponja sticks in the Middle East) if your arms can't reach all around.

Scared to use toxic chemicals as you clean drains around your home? Pour some dry baking/bicarbonate of soda (the same stuff used for baking) down the hole, then add enough white vinegar (it won’t take much!) to work up a froth. After things have settled down, rinse the pipes with hot water boiled in a kettle you can easily maneuver.

Keep those spray bottles clearly labeled, out of harm's way and filled with the above mixtures so you can reach for a problem solver when you wish.

Ready to snack on some nuts to power you up all over again?

What? Your jaws get sore from chewing nuts?

Here's an easy way to prevent the pain as you "chop" them even if your hands can't do the job: Place the nuts in a paper bag repeatedly folded closed, or in a Ziploc baggie. Step on the tightly closed package with your heaviest shoes until the nuts are reduced to bits. Scoop them out with a clean spoon and swallow the nourishment after some light chewing.

Spring cleaning time! Clean the "I can't cope with illness" cobwebs from your muddled mind and SAVE MAJOR MONEY with the cost-cutting information inside the Global Resources section at the back!

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