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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time Well Spent...


24 Adar 2, 5771

I've been weeding, then planting a garden in glorious sunshine for days, feeling refreshed from the work. The tomatoes are already growing taller, the kolrabi, purple and white onions, plus orangish bell peppers peeking above the soil.

Perhaps you'll appreciate the spiritual lesson that caught me by surprise in the midst of all the hard labor: I spotted some color near the roots of the tall weeds I was busy yanking out these past few days. I slowed my pace and traced each weed to it's exit/entry-point in the earth and carefully pulled only on it to remove weedy roots, rather than accidentally grasping the colorful growth close by. After some time, I was left with a bed of flowers that had been struggling for sunshine, air and moisture among the weeds blocking their way.

It reminds me of how we need to focus on energies on shedding negativity to find the good stuff in life. Let me know what you think. And please sign your names to your messages. I have many that never get published since "Anonymous" signatures present an uncomfortable way to "communicate."

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