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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In Mourning


I have not updated the blog this week, when I'd normally be informing you about the happiness of the pending Purim holiday and great medical advances around the world. I am in mourning for fellow Israelis who did nothing worse than mind their own business, behave politely, treat others with compassion and pay taxes. Why do I mourn?

If your stomach can withstand the butchery, see the pictures of what alleged heroes did to a 3-month old babe, a 4-year old, 11-year-old and their parents at

Support your mental health and that of other people.
Israeli apartheid does not exist. I survived my medical ordeal in an Israeli hospital with Arab patients jeering at Jewish patients and praying for our demise as Jewish doctors gave them free and/or paid-for life-saving medical care. When was this? As thousands of Jews lost their homes in Gush Katif. Politicians predicted it would prevent terrorism.

I vomited upon learning of the murderous news above.

I doubt that your news services will report this or similar Saved by Israeli Soldiers stories. They're rather common around here.

The Israeli people are not monsters. Look what was above the bed of a murdered Jewish child: A Prayer to Love One Another.

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