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Friday, March 25, 2011

A SAFE, Affordable Way to Get Rid of Bugs!


19 Adar 2, 5771

A grateful neighbor asked me to share one of my uber-affordable Home-Safe-Home tips with you. Here goes:

The weather is rather unpredictable around the world these days. Hot, cold, earthquake, fire, who knows? We're not the only ones confused by it all. BUGS are seeking indoor shelter to escape cold temperatures.

Cold weather is driving crawling creatures indoors to warm up and you might be wondering how to safely get rid of them. Bug-bombing with synthetic chemicals is not a smart idea as larger people breathe that stuff and children (plus pets) also lick it from the floor. Here's a simple solution for those of you wondering how to safely rid your homes of the creepy crawlies: sage oil (called shemen marvah in Hebrew).

Buy an incense burner (they're available in gift shops, health food stores and maybe at some regualr grocers) and fill the cup with tap water. Add a drop of sage oil to the water, then ignite a tealite in the little chamber below. Keep this out of a child's reach and on a stable surface that won't be harmed by the heat under the ceramic incense burner holding a lit candle.

You'll smell the sage oil and so will the bugs. Cockroaches, worms, flying insects will leave as they dislike the odor. I suggest burning sage oil a few times weekly to keep them away.

You can burn citronella oil in mosquito-ey summertime. You'll remain itch-free with food uninfested by flying insects.

Health food shops sell sage oil and citronella oil. Remember to use them in incense burners safely situated while the candles burn.

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