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Friday, March 18, 2011

Purim Kipur?


13 Adar 2, 5771

Yes, that's me dressed as "Boo-Boo Barbie" a few years ago, as I faced losing my dominant arm to CRPS/RSD after delicate surgery had just saved it from amputation. All that happened following an accident that had crushed my elbow.

Why did I have the guts to pull such a stunt? Because Purim is known as a "Reversal of fortune" holiday when we recall the hidden hand of GOD in our daily lives. I bet on it to save my arm & quality of life. That bet paid off, BTW. I'm one of few people worldwide who lost the CRPS/RSD curse within a few months of its unpredictable onset. AND I'm one of few people who made a 100% recovery from the specialized surgery that had orignally saved my arm from a far different fate.

ON TO TODAY. Many grief-stricken Jews around the world are still wiping tears over
the Fogel family massacre as we focus on the fact that nothing happens by accident. It's all part of BIGGER Plan by the Ultimate Planner.

One of the foods we eat on Purim are Hamantashen (Oznai Haman in Hebrew). They symbolize the ears, tri-cornered hat and/or pockets of Haman, an arch-enemy of Judaism and its Jews. Haman threatened Jewish genocide and was soundly defeated by a woman, Queen Esther of Persia. Read about that when you click on
Purim Kipur.

Here's a quick education on the raucous, joyous holiday that reminds us never to lose hope in the future:
Crash Course on Purim.

I'll post a photo of me in this year's costume as soon as I can. I'm saving the revelation as a surprise for friends who enjoy guessing what I'll wear from year to year. Meanwhile, here's a photo I took of Purim celebrants some time ago.

It's kosher to be happy after terrible sorrow. Read
Nurture Your Inner Giggle.

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