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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Doctors & Patients Promoting Patient and Family-Centered Care Together


5 Adar 2, 5771

When you consider that a doctor who caused an adverse medical reaction – complications, worsening illness or death – is usually abandoned by her/his colleagues and administrative staff – you are able to realize some of the horrific mental anguish piling on that person.

Knowing that your loved one suffered or died due to innocent mistakes, medical neglect, medical malpractice and/or even medical indifference, is a Living Hell.

Put both sides of the issue is one room dedicated to preventing similar disasters and you have a phenomenon.

Today I attended the debut SHEVET conference at Assaf Harofeh Hospital in Tel Aviv. SHEVET is a non-profit foundation for people who want an active role in improving patient safety in Israel. The genuine effect of these nascent efforts, however, is already going global.

The SHEVET Foundation is dedicated to building a partnership between doctors and patients with the aim of safer health care, fewer mistakes in treatment and overall improved outcomes.

Policy makers, doctors and patient group representatives attended the conference. They invite patients and families of patients to join them to ensure open discussions in the developing future.

Today's launch-date conference included remarks by Margaret Murphy, a compelling guest from the World Health Organization (and the only participant to speak in English). Margaret founded the international Institute for Patient and Family-Centered Care and is a member of WHO's 'Patients for Patient Safety' initiative. Margaret has been honored for her pro-communication, pro-patient work affecting the entire medical world. Margaret's precious son, Kevin Murphy, died due to severe medical mismanagement. Margaret's adoring husband supports her international efforts to prevent grief for more people due to


Condescending disregard
for nurse observations


Leaving patients plus
loved ones out of
the medical treatment plan.

Margaret's "Do Nothing About Me, Without Me" remarks received enthusiastic applause today. Her lilting Irish brogue was one of several international accents at the meeting as medical professionals and laypersons spoke of the need to end counterproductive medical practices.
I was charmed when she pronounced my name correctly on her first try ;^ D

When medical professionals and patients linger at the same emotionally powerful conference, sharing smiles and innovative ideas for improved healthcare, then the outcome can only improve patient care and medical careers.

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If you have ideas and/or want to learn more about pro-patient advocacy, see (the English-language version is at

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