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Friday, June 17, 2011

5 FAST Ways to Feel Better


15 Sivan 5771

You're tired of feeling as if you're drowning in negative news and problems. Here are five things you can do in a minute, maybe a bit more, to improve your mood:

1. Name your goal.
Recognizing that goal is critical
to achieving it.

2. Spend one minute creating
a to-do list for meeting that goal.

3. Take techno-breaks.
Turn off everything digital,
maybe even the CD/radio.
Work on one or two items of your to-do list.
Knock 'em off!

4. Take a full minute
to breathe in fresh air,
move about, and
focus on what you've accomplished
so far.

Let life re-energize you.
Fire up your enthusiasm with pleasure breaks.

5. Toss out trash
on your workspace or in your head.
Send it out of your life.

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