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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another Medical Professional Praises EMPOWER Yourself!


7 Av 5771

I found this book review at the Barnes & Nobel bookselling site:

Yocheved Golani has written a comprehensive manual for the ill and those helping the person experiencing a medical crisis. Her approach is compassioante and filled with messages of hope and universal faith.

I found the book to be pro-active, not reactive. In Ms. Golani’s encouragement to use positive language, she enables a reader to look at their circumstance as a point of growth. She has productive exercises for the reader, using one’s own words to approach a medical crisis (or chronic illness) is going to last much longer than the “you should” messages so many ill people face.

The list of resources is a valuable commodity! Whew, everyone experiencing illness should have access to this comprehensive list- it’s action oriented, for sure. Ultimately, the most endearing and enduring message one can receive from this book is: Medical crisises may happen, but who you are, how you manage- it’s in your hands. Pick up this book and be your own best advocate!

Dr Shoshana Kesner, DHM, BSN

Founder & CEO Binah Baby

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