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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dressing Despite that Disability


23 Av 5771

I've been participating in a LinkedIn conversation concerning Disabilities.

One of the commenters mentioned how hard it is to dress herself. Here's my response to the problems she encounters daily:

"... try a front-hook bra. It's great for women with limited range of motion. Racer-back bras with front closures are even better. No droopy straps you can't pick up or hesitate to lift in front of onlookers. Most bra companies make them and One Hanes Place paper or online catalogs offer great bargains on underwear of all kinds at times.

Ask your local pharmacist or shoe seller for stik-on heel pads that provide friction and pull to secure feet inside shoes.

Look for online and paper catalogues that provide clothing you need. I survived severe allergies with products from Janice's site.

As for the shorts, try Lands' End. They tend to make items that fit modestly, not skimpily."

Okay, men, let's hear some get-dressed despite disability ideas from you. I can share them on this blog.

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