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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Color Your Hair SAFELY!


16 Av 5771

One of the results of illness is that your body shows the signs of wear and tear. No joke, hair can go gray, even white, from significant medical stress. Chemo patients often find that it grows back in a different texture or color than they had before treatment.

If you're determined to spruce up your hair color, skip the chemical complications from pre-packaged commerical products. Go organic. Burnt walnut kernels color hair black; tagetes will rinse your hair yellow, and henna will color it reddish brown.

If your hair is more than 30% white, those items might not be strong enough to color your entire head. In that case, try several month's worth of herbal remedy Ho Shu Wu aka polygoni multiflore (it takes months for your body to heal with it and then to show the results in colorful hair). You'll need to swallow a teasponn of it 3 times daily, about every 8 hours.

I recommend buying Ho Shu Wu aka polygoni multiflore  from a reputable naturopath/organic foods counselor or health foods shop. Why? Too many people are willing to fleece you over your desire to look different than you do now. Spend your cash wisely.

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You can even curl a strand of hair in your fingers while you do ;^ D

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