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Monday, January 23, 2012

An Effective Solution for Lice (Heads up, Parents!)

28 Tevet 5772

WOW I'm hearing from globe-trotting acquaintances with itchy heads. Apparently it's quite easy to catch lice as you lean against your airline seat! Some people did just that over the holiday season and afterwards. The problem isn't limited to school children.

My advice? Trash old hairbrushes and combs. Ridding them of the lice infestation is hard to do.

Get new ones.

Trim your hair as much as tolerable 
to remove hiding places for sneaky lice.

Here's a homeopathic cure that can work for all ages (no guarantees, just my best suggestion): Gilco-Pharm (an Israeli company) makes a 2-part RID-Lice kit with a shampoo & spray. Use as directed (you'll need a lice comb and some disposable shower caps as the spray remains on hair for 8 hours - sleeptime). Follow that treatment with a daily shampoo using Mellaluca's original shampoo every day for a week.

Remember to isolate infected clothing and bedding. Bag them in plastic and tie a tight knot. Keep these items bagged for two weeks. The lice will die for lack of nourishment from human bodies. Launder, and reuse after the time is up. I highly recommend vacuuming bedding, including pillows, on  a daily basis. If you can, buy a new pillows or cover the infected ones in sealed plastic bags covered with fresh, clean pillow cases. It's possible to sleep on the slightly noisy pillows creaking from plastic bags. Release the pillows from the plastic bags after two weeks, vacuum out the dead lice and reuse.

With Passover approaching and hail hitting many windows across the globe, I'm looking out for the frogs, grasshoppers and wild beasts. You just never know what's going to happen with the weird weather patterns heading around the world. The only cure and preventative for them, as far as I know, is perfectly decent behavior  ;^ D

Good luck getting rid of your itchy scalps, world travelers, school kids and everyone else.

UPDATE: Feb. 9 2012 - Skip the Sklice, a new anti-lice product on the market. Stick with the user-friendlier strategy described above. It's far less likely to cause adverse reactions.

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