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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Need Can-Do Pain Management without Drugs? This Patient and Her Doctors Know What to Do!


27 Nisan 5772

Here's an informative bit of pain management news for Becker's ASC Review and beyond: Surgeons preparing to do corrective surgery on my feet were astounded to learn that I had not been taking any pain killers for the deformity currently messing up my walking abilities. How astounded? The head of the department asked me if I was afraid to reveal how much medication I take, as the situation was affecting my ability to even stand, run or walk! He informed me that most people find the situation unbearably painful.

I assured the doctors that 
the pain management tips shared in

have served me well. I literally ate the foods or took the vitamins listed there. They minimized or canceled the pain altogether. The only reason I'd sought the surgical consult is because time and the repeated use of my feet and legs have worn down some of the parts. That caused an awkward gait. I need to walk with greater stability. So, I'm going to have corrective out-patient foot surgery in the foreseeable future.

Pain management specialists, anesthesiologists and nurses can learn quite a bit from the book. So can the average reader. The first time I'd had surgery for the situation was almost a drug-free experience. I simply meditated as the surgeon rearranged the bones and muscles for me. I only needed pain killers to a small degree, near the end. That surprised the staff supporting me.

Imagine what those 
pain management tips 
can do for you 
when you don't need 
corrective surgery!

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