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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dealing with Disappointment While Wearing a Smile!


1 Cheshvan, 5773

I'm taking my own advice on how to deal with disappointment (read through the EMPOWER Yourself book for tips about that!). The frustrations and slowdowns involved with launching a radio show suited to the needs of my readers and the wider public is one tall task.

I'll let you know when success is at hand. Meanwhile, I'm pursuing the simplest format I can. I am not a techno-whiz and several assistants,  let alone media models, have left me disappointed.

Here's an excerpt from the book about how to cope with frustrations:

... Somebody else will have to do the laundry, drive the car pool, meet a deadline or mow the lawn. Your disappointment is the size of Texas, and we'll deal with that in a bit. First, let's focus on a recess from your busy schedule.

Take a BIG breath, let it out slowly and repeat that exercise until you feel the muscles in your neck, back, stomach, and legs relax. Do some creative visualization if that helps: imagine that you are in a deck chair on a softly rocking cruise ship, sunning yourself on a lovely beach or surrendering to a cozy hammock with a good book, some great music and the snack of your dreams.

Purposely remember how much money people happily pay to be able to do these things on vacation. Then sneak a grin. Smile because you know you are acting like a vacationing hotshot as you select the CDs, tapes and radio stations you're going to listen to as you ease yourself into a dreamy, healing mood in... 

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