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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Care to Share Some TV Time?


9 Cheshvan, 5773

Several days ago I was running around Jerusalem, wondering "What's the next miracle in my life gonna be?" and stopped to ask a guy if the bus stop I seek goes to a destination I need. He responded in Hebrew but I heard a distinct Anglo accent in a voice I recognized. I took off my sunglasses and greeted one of my Facebook friends, Lowell Gallin! He bust out laughing and booked me for  a 10-minute tv segment for his online Laura and Lowell show based in New York!

The filming went easily this morning as Lowell and I attracted an impromptu Jerusalem audience with our easy banter. I managed to get things right in one take (I'm still a "One Take Wonder"). 

I'll alert you when the show has been uploaded to YouTube (my Refua Radio Show went KAPUT after YouTube made it harder and harder to share).

As it happens, the small audience was deeply impressed by the information I shared. They called the show "Inspirational!"

Lowell just might record me on a regular basis for a while. I'm interested to find out how that can help listeners and readers.

Let me know what's on your mind regarding health concerns. Perhaps I can address your issues and questions on the show next time it's filmed. Let's share some TV time for your benefit.

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I'm gearing up for a trip the first week of November. I look forward to letting you know about it after I return to my home office. 

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