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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Crossing Jordan - and Begging Heaven to Heal a Special Lady


26 Tishrei, 5773

One of the activities of that face-to-face Facebook group members meeting the other day was to pray for ill people to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually. The impetus for that was the stunning news that a heroic lady and her husband have been faced once more with her battle to defeat cancer.

You can read their touching, motivational blog Crossing Jordan (the Yarden in Hebrew) and join the people in Stella's army praying for her recovery. Stella's Hebrew name is Tzureeya Kokhevet bat Sara (Tzureeya Star daughter of Sara. Sorry, Tzureeya doesn't translate into easy English).

I'm trying to get a copy of

to her via a mutual friend, as it lists worldwide organizations willing to pay for part or all of Stella's (or anyone's) medical and medication costs. If you want to help us to accomplish the mission of mercy, contact me via

You can see a few of us holding on to our prayer booklets in this photo by fellow blogger Batya Medad

(my booklet is in my hand but was cropped out of the photo to fit this blogpost).

Joy is part of life. A little guy let me dance with him to make a mood of happiness to improve anyone's outlook and life. GOD willing we'll dance again to celebrate Stella's healthy victory.

Leave a message  for Stella to read 
in the "comments" section.

Learn more about this woman and 
her wonderful husband at

Do what you can to support their efforts!

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