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Monday, October 22, 2012

Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight and Miracles to Make Us Laugh


6 Cheshvan, 5773

A snarky comment to indicate skepticism goes something like this: "Eat Chocolate and LOSE Weight!" The funny thing is, I do eat a specific amount of chocolate daily, and lost weight when I needed to anyway. My dining habits are sound, and the brand of chocolate I use is low in sugar, high in theobroma/cacao. That supports heart and brain health, but not wide waistlines.

There's a Spanish saying I enjoy, "Las cosas claras y el chocolate espeso" (Ideas should be clear and chocolate thick). On that note I'll share a little miracle with you.

I was in the BIG city of Jerusalem today,
wondering which miracles 
might happen to me. 

I was surprised when I 
unintentionally met up with 
a guy who has a television show. 
He asked if he could feature me on it 

I answered "Yes, I'd be delighted!"
(as I laughed to myself 
"This is kinda miraculous!").

Let me know what you'd like to me to speak about FAST! Leave your comments below this blogpost.

The possible topics are:

  • The EMPOWER Yourself book,
  • The medical miracles in my life,
  • How to make miracles happen (trust me, there are tried and true ways - within limits)
  • Or something else.

Let's find out if talking about miracles or other medical issues can have us sharing a few laughs. Laughter is very good for health! 

Buy the E-book or print edition today for a brighter holiday season: Click on the words EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge. You just might learn how to let chocolate help but not hurt you, too!

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