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Monday, December 15, 2014

Super Sad, Super Glad, Super...


23 Kislev, 5775

Sometimes there's a weekly theme to this blog. This week the theme is "Super."

Sometimes the shock, pain, fear, despair and/or inconvenience of a diagnosis leaves us feeling anything but "super" in the sense of "good." 

We tend to feel super-horrible, super scared, and super saddened by a medical challenge, not super terrific by any means.

Hold that thought as you read the blog 
this week. 

I have a bit of a surprise coming up for you
on Thursday. 

But let's begin with the super-wonderful, super-heartwarming Sommers family who dealt admirably with a severe blow to its happiness.

The enthusiasm that the family generated resulted in a Rabbis Shave for the Brave event. There was even a 

The Sommers' looked for the positive, even helping other people despite the loss of their precious child.

Read more about that at the Superman Sam blog.

If you need a how-to guide for figuring out how to feel at all positive despite grim medical news, read several passages about that, spread throughout 

Post traumatic growth is about putting a life-changing, or any significant event, in perspective. That promotes emotional progress and more.

Figure out how to supercharge your ability to cope with your medical challenge, or someone else's.

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Facing fear with growing courage empowers you to make progress.


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