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Monday, March 16, 2015

Cleaning the Kitchen and More, Without Feeling Sore!


25 Adar, 5775

Sighing as I type, I realize that the joyous month of Adar is almost over. I've enjoyed it immensely. But it's time to transition to other concerns.

Not only do I face the serious prospect of introspection, but also going into high gear for pre-Passover cleaning. Cleaning souls is as much a part of the holiday preparation as are shopping for Passover-only foods, preparing them and studying about the laws of Passover. It is a most meaningful holiday about Jewish, and global, redemption.

I treat myself well each year by setting a goal of having the kitchen - plus the rest of my home - ready for holiday season one week in advance. That lets me rest, read relevant texts, and focus on the spirituality issues.

Ready to polish the rest of the house to shine as much as your Passover-ready kitchen?

Here are some non-allergenic Cleaning Your Kitchen More Easily Tips, in addition to those I've already shared.

Tomorrow you can bring your little ones to the monitor to find out how to make a fun, safe volcano in the kitchen sink. It even cleans the drains in a non-allergenic way!

All the non-allergenic information I've shared is good for year-round cleanliness. Your skin will remain softer, and your breathing will be easier for the user-friendly items now in your hands. 

Your mind and body will complete your cleaning tasks without becoming sore. THAT makes the clean-up less of a chore.

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