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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Non-Allergenic Pesakh Prep #3 - Give the Kitchen a Panic Attack, NOT Yourself


21 Adar, 5775

How are you feeling after using the non-allergenic cleaning tips I've shared with you so far?

Allergic people celebrating Passover/Pesakh need them, too. Allergies tend to knock us out as we need maximum strength to get ready for the 8-day holiday in a home absolutely bare of leavened food and crumbs.

One of the ways I minimize my efforts and maximize my remaining strength as I prepare for Passover is to do the heavy jobs early in the prep season, weeks before sitting down to the Passover seder. That lets me enjoy a more spiritual experience, with better focus on the meaning of Jewish history and on the reality that GOD wants genuine peace in the world.

Okey-doke, seriousness aside, let's have some fun!

We're gonna give YOUR kitchen a panic attack
so you won't suffer from one 
as Passover approaches.

The most laborious jobs are cleaning out the oven, stovetop and refrigerator. It's a sloppy job that takes up space, with oven racks, refrigerator bins, burners and what not all over the floors and counters you want to be clean.

Here come cleaning tips that your allergist would approve.

Breathe in strongly through your nose, hold it in a moment, now release your breath with your mouth for a few seconds longer than you breathed in. That releases negative energy. Repeat as necessary.

Oven cleaning: Stack the racks neatly outdoors, or in the sink. Pile them onto a thick stack of newspaper purposely arranged on the floor if necessary.

Place the burners neatly over the racks, and separate them with a junky magazine to prevent entanglement.

I know, you're feeling tired, scared of the cleaning tasks ahead and self-conscious that you are so, SO not having a spiritual experience.

The fun fact I can share with you is that indeed, you are being spiritual every time you breathe. Life's a work in progress. If not, humans wouldn't live much longer than animals. GOD gives us do-overs. It's our choice to use them.

Each time your temper rises and you're struggling not to explode on somebody, remember this song

Keep in mind what loved ones and other people will think as they recall your outbursts or someone else's.

Breathe in strongly through your nose, hold it in a moment, now release your breath with your mouth for a few seconds longer than you breathed in. That releases negative energy. Repeat as necessary.

I'm on your side. It's tough job to prepare for Pesakh and that separates the beginners from the early-finishers. Stick with me and you'll be ready a week or so before the holiday without trips to the ER or a need to wheeze. 

I'm keeping the cleansing information 
You can use these tips any time of year, 
minimizing itching and sneezing.

Okay, don your protective gloves and take out the cleansers and cleaning cloths, paper towels (remove the plastic NOW), scrubbies, etc.

Wipe down the inside of the oven plus the entire stove top with Astonish creme. Let it sit a bit, then scrub out the stubborn stains and gunk. The hardest part of the job is officially over.

Wipe off the rest of the stove top and oven, then wet your paper towels or rags. Wipe every surface until it shines clean. Deal with tough areas one at a time, dolloping Astonish creme on each spot, wipe, rinse, repeat as necessary.

Do the same thing with the racks and burners. Actually, creme them over before you start scrubbing the oven. That gives the cleanser time to work before the oven sparkles. Wipedowns will be easier.

Now that the oven and stove are GORGEOUSLY clean, you can cook as usual with calmness. Simply clean up well after each meal, preventing buildup. You can do a much easier top-down clean-up before kashering the stuff. The gunk will already be gone way before the last minute, simplifying the process.

On to the 'frig... Yes, the gook under the bins could scare you or the kids, but be brave. Let's lose it right away. Place a damp, soapy cloth or paper towel over soiled areas, and let it sit there a minute as you wipe out crumbs from the refrigerator seals on each door. Or use a spray bottle filled with soapy water to loosen hard stuff in those tight areas. Wait for it to work, wipe away the mess and toss it in the trash along with any negative thoughts.

Okay, now that job is done and I bet you're feeling more confident that you'll have a clean kitchen earlier than expected.

Um, want a 2nd opinion on how to clean your kitchen and all your glassware in another EZ Shmeezy manner? Andrea Kornfeld LMT, C-CST wrote the introduction to

and she has a recipe for an easy cleaner that does all the Pesakh cleaning without endangering anyone - provided that you're careful with the first ingredient:

   1 PAIL/BUCKET of almost boiling WATER
   1 LG squirt of KITCHEN DISH SOAP
   2 -3 Tbl. of BAKING SODA
   1 C clear white (cheapest one out there) VINEGAR
MIX by filling your cleaning cloth
Begin with glassware and windows (using cloths or paper toweling/newspapers) and continue on to cleaning the greasy stuff (kitchen scrubber is as strong as you need.)
Redo bucket as needed.

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