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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Physics, Fun and Fighting Off Negativity


6 Nisan, 5775

I've been rather bummed out today, as you can tell from my recent Facebook message

I want a break from cyberlife cuz I keep learning of downright nasty stuff in the news. So, I'll sign off for a bit with the most moving Star Trek episode I can remember. May it promote decency worldwide. Grab the tissues, hug the dog, the kids, your spouse, and grab some more tissues. Everybody's gonna need them. Star Trek: The Next Generation; Season 3, Episode 16: "The Offspring"…/x264n2d_star-trek-the-next-gen…
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  • Yocheved Golani BTW Israelis, we'll have an hour less to wipe our tears as of tonight. We move to that goshdarnit Daylight Savings Time at 2AM, making it 3AM. So when you fall out of bed Friday morning, you'll be justifiably sleepy, having lost an hour there. Nap today and brace for impact.

So now that you've grown to be a better person for watching that long video, let's share fast-paced Get Ready for Pesakh fun with students of Israel's Technion Institute. Who says physics can't be fun?

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