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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dead Man's Crawl - to a Better Life


4 Nisan, 5775

I often wonder how to share messages that speak to my male readers. Being a woman, I tend to go for content that females readily understand. That's not fair. It also misses the point  of my communication efforts: Inspiring the wider world to pass its limitations, to reach for excellence when facing problems anything, let alone illness.

This video portrays a message I want to share. It's packed with life lessons that all people can grow from.

That kid did the Dead Man's Crawl to a better life.

Coping with illness requires a quality common to any challenge: Pushing past your fears, anger, physical and intellectual strengths. If necessary, put your challenge into the perspective of a game, then face it with your increasingly better character.

Grow your soul. It's there inside you, waiting to flex its muscles to the max.

You'll appreciate yourself more when you do that. And some people will admire you.

I thank my real life and facebook friend Asher Blachman for bringing the video to my attention.

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