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Monday, December 7, 2015

Finding the Light in Life's Challenges


25 Kislev, 5776

Today is the first day of Hanuka (the first candle was lit last night). It's sometimes spelled Chanuka, Chanukah or in other ways. But the source of the word is the same: Dedication. 

In brief, Chanuka is about being dedicated to the moral ideals given to humanity by The One Above. We Jews have been repeatedly forced out of Israel by many groups of people, or allowed to remain in our country but pressured to  abandon our way of life. That's a morally troubling problem on many levels.

At one point in history, a small group of Jewish men called Maccabees rededicated the holy Jewish Temple that had been defiled by yet another entity struggling to separate Jews from their moral imperatives. Those Maccabean efforts led to the holiday of Hanuka.

Click the colorful pictures below 
to learn a bit more about this 
Festival of Lights, 
and how Jews have responded 
to terrorism 
throughout our history.

Perhaps you'll find the information 
soothing in today's nerve-jangled times.

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