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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Remove the Wrinkles in Your Gift List: How to Handle the Gift-giving Season


26 Kislev, 5776

I've enjoyed the warmth of friendship plus the glow of Hanuka candles at parties for the past two nights. I'm invited to another party this evening, and making one of my own tomorrow night.

I realize that it is Kwanzaa and Christmas season, too, and that many of my readers are wondering about suitable and affordable gifts for friends, family members and work colleagues. I have a list of ideas to offer that could very well meet your needs:

1. Gifts from the heart. Promise to run specific errands or to teach someone a skill you can impart to them. Your investment in time and someone's quality of life is a gift from the heart.

2. Love notes. Leave them around the house or office, praising some behavior, remark or insight in the person you appreciate. A show of appreciation is a gift that lasts forever. All it costs is a bit of time to share your thoughts.

3. Give the person something that they need. If they're ailing or dealing with someone who is sick, they might appreciate a book that they and their loved ones can share to minimize problems and to maximize happiness. Buy a copy of

Click the picture and have it delivered to the recipient when you make your order.

I hope that the above ideas took the wrinkles right out of your furrowed brow and gift list.

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