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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Exciting News!


13 Nisan, 5777

While I'm enjoying the freshness and fun of my fully functional Passover/Pesakh Mode kitchen, I'm taking time to respond to editors seeking my input for future online and print articles.

I have exciting book reviews coming up and I'll be responding to Questions for Life Coaches. You can be sure that I'll share relevant publication news with you. Who knows? You might come across something that suits you, too!

No matter which holiday you celebrate this season, spend time thinking over the significance of spirituality. It's purpose is to make us more compassionate, more willing to share our resources, and more resilient when we face hardships. Spirituality practiced correctly helps us to rise above our limitations. We can become wonderful, accomplished, insightful, nicer than we have been.

My frequently used tool for helping someone is the Enneagram, a method for understanding the quirks of human personalities and the tools for working with them in productive ways.

Here's a bit of insight on how I help people to deal with unhappiness, disappointment, pain and life in general:

 I had an amusing conversation with a therapist who asked me to help her to write a thesis about the wisdom of using the Enneagram. I replied "But I can do that in one sentence: You will learn that a person's characteristics are 'givens,' not a matter of good or bad, just 'givens' that can be dealt with in specific ways." After she gulped, I added "I am not advocating that personality, thought or mood disorders are acceptable. They are exceptions to the rule."

Certified in counseling skills and in spiritual chaplaincy (the ability to discuss end-of-life issues), I write for a mental health site at

I'm a life coach for ill people, helping them to identify the goals they need to reach, then to prepare a plan for achieving those goals.

A former medical coder/Health Information Management professional, I'm well-versed in the medical world's ins and outs, acquainted with astonishing people and cutting-edge treatments. 

Certified in Counseling Skills, and one of the first certified EMETT leaders (I no longer lead EMETT groups), I have studied psychology throughout my adult life.

Medical and mental health professionals have endorsed the EMPOWER Yourself book on and off the covers.

I maintain a database of ever-updated medical information to help people to connect with the medical professionals and medical care, appliances, medication, etc. that they need. I even clue people in on cost-cutting programs that pay all or some of their specific medical bills. The book's Global Resources section holds much of that information.

Ready to figure out your health-oriented goals, and to set a plan for achieving them? Contact me at giveretgolani @

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Fill your time with meaningful thought and efforts.

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