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Monday, April 10, 2017

With Blessings and Prayers for Genuine Peace


14 Nisan, 5777

I look forward to the multi-faceted freedom messages in the holiday of Passover.

My home has been 100% kosher for Passover since Thursday. I like to spend time studying before seder night, and feeling rested/joyful then.
Wishing the world personal fulfillment, genuine peace and inner contentment.
The Israel Project
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Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful Passover.


Yocheved Golani "Fascinated by the exquisite attention people devote to getting hilkhot Pesach (the laws of Passover) right. I find myself wondering: what if we took our obligations towards other people and their dignity just as or even more seriously? What if we found the idea of hurting or embarrassing another human being as intolerable and unbearable as we find the thought of a crumb of leaven remaining in our homes? A glimpse of what religion could be, should be, must be." -- Rabbi Shai Held, co-founder of New York's Mechon Hadar
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Yocheved Golani The segula that Rabbanit Yemima recommends for biyur chametz: Fill out a paper with the list of things you want to get rid of. Add it to the bag of chametz and watch those problems burn away in the morning. (PS - I added "The lack of Mashiakh")
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Yocheved Golani PSA: EVERYBODY and then some are heading to traffic jams near you! Be careful out there.,7340,L-4947509,00.html

Netivei Israel will try to change the traffic light schedules…
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Fill your holiday season with true forgiveness of yourself and others. Enjoy the happiness.

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