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Monday, December 10, 2018

Here's How to EMPOWER Yourself to Minimize Some Health Risks


2 Tevet, 5779

Let's review some basic ideas about health and safety.

Moderation matters. Skipping your diet and exercise schedule sometimes is  NORMAL. You're not a robot, you're a person with feelings, emotional needs, and a sense of fun. Exceptions to some rules make sense at times. Enjoy the holiday season foods and festivities without excess. You don't need to be hurting yourself.

Life is about real-time interactions and face-to-face encounters. They're meaningful in ways that online life is not. 

When you spend too much time online, you hurt yourself psychologically. Screentime even  hurts a child's physical, neurological, and emotional development.

Here's some evidence of the facts above:

As for sharing personal information about yourself or someone else via social media, know that BIG, possibly dangerous eyes are likely to be watching you. Some people want to know too much about others.

You need to moderate your online and actual behavior. You can take control of your habits and overall behavior, EMPOWERING Yourself to minimize health risks.

It feels much better to be healthier than sicker or self-harmed. 

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