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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Why Natural Healing Techniques Work!


23 Tevet, 5779

Ready to think about why those natural healing strategies mentioned in yesterday's blogpost worked?

Here's a brief reality check for you and for the medical professionals interested in all that, too:

1a. Biochemical and oxidative detoxification clears the body of toxins that cause inflammation and then disease. 

1b. Superb nutrition sans health-harming chemicals improve the odds for recovery. Wholesome food supports health. Poisonous pesticides, herbicides, GMO interference, synthetic hormones, etc., harm health.

2. Rehabilitation of neurological injuries independent of stimulus works; the techniques/strategies that I used removed pressure on optic and other affected nerves.

3. Keeping my mind upbeat allowed my body to create healing chemicals and prevented the formation of damaging chemicals. Laughter accelerated the healing process.

Does #3 perplex you? Here's some scientific background about that:

Mar 6, 2018 - Why does laughter have an enduring reputation as a healer? Does it lead to a chemicalreaction that's good for us? Is it a psychological tool?

Feb 6, 2017 - ... the naturally-occuring chemical and behaviors which can lengthen your life ... As McGonigal's studies showed, community work is a healing ..

Jun 15, 2017 - by Yocheved Golani on June 15, 2017 ... Many mental health experts have shared insights into healing unhappy minds and miserable souls.

They promote the creation of happiness-promoting chemicals called endorphins ... Yocheved Golaniis a popular writer whose byline has appeared worldwide in ...

You're not the only people wondering if this stuff works. Check out the facebook remark that I made yesterday:

    The moment that a board-certified doctor calls to thank me for the natural healing suggestions that I gave to him.
    GOD, you write a helluva script!
    You can invite healing miracles into your lives, too.

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