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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Check Out the Feedback About the Book!

26 Elul 5767

Readers are writing to me and letting me know their high opinions of It's My Crisis! And I'll Cry if I Need To: A Life Book that Helps You to Dry Your Tears and to Cope with a Medical Challenge. Among the favorable comments are:

"This book should become part of the college curriculum for social workers!"

"Packed with impressive research! How did you find out about all these great resources???!!!"

"I'm speechless. You survived all this and you're still smiling? You have a lot to teach the world about how to face hardship."

"I'm telling my friends to get this book!"

"We feel better already!"

"I know someone in the hospital. His wife and the rest of the family are going crazy trying to cope. I'm buying another copy of this book for them!"

Learn why these readers are so impressed with It's My Crisis and I'll Cry if I Need To! Buy your copy (and perhaps copies for a crowd). Here's how:

Buy my book directly from Booklocker Publishing at
for individual orders.

Save money on bulk orders when you E-mail angela - at - or go to (business owners, this is for you).

My advice is to order It's MY Crisis! directly through my publisher. Booklocker aims to please and has a better track record at speedy delivery than does the competition.

Buy my book, share it with friends and loved ones, or read it alone. The flexible, comfy paperback is 8.5X11- inches, perfect for sliding into a beach bag, gym tote, briefcase or overnight luggage. Printed on crème-colored paper, the book begins to relax you with the very first page. The headaches that It’s MY Crisis! can solve or prevent for you and/or your loved one are well worth the modest $13.95 (plus shipping) price.

Medical professionals and mental health therapists, clergymen and women, this is a great addition for your resource shelves and waiting rooms. Counselors can even work on the exercises in the book with clients who own their own copies. Enhance the quality of life for your clients. Keep a stack on hand for confidantes and colleagues. Buy several copies of Its MY Crisis! today. Go to and/or send an E-mail to angela - at -

Charities and other organizations can arrange for special editions addressed to their clients and constituents.

Make arrangements for special editions, inserts and/or dedication pages when you contact me at

To your good health, Yojeved


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