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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hear Me Speak in Your Community

8 Tishrei 5768

I'm impressed at how many people called me about speaking engagements. I've also received E-mails on that subject, plus face-to-face enquiries.

Yes, I am willing to speak before audiences about my recovery and about how I wrote It's MY Crisis! . And I will be delighted to do book signings.

Just let me know when and where you wish to have me speak, and I'll take it from there.

To your good health, Yocheved


J. D. Vine Publications said...

It sounds like your book contains a much needed message. You're an inspiration.

Jared D. Vineyard

Anonymous said...

A crisis, a cry, the yin and yang of life. but you did more than cry, you wrote a book. bravo.

Anonymous said...

I love the title!! And the message sounds great too!

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

I love to speak, too. And I'll bet you do very well with your topic. AND, I love your title. Reminds me of the old 50s tune! (-;
Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Nikki Leigh said...

Hello again - I have your info to post on my promo blogs :) Good to see you again so soon.

Nikki Leigh

L.E.E. Design said...

That is wonderful that you are so busy. Speaking in public is a decently hard thing to master. A definite art.

Jessica Dockter

Terry Doherty said...

Inspiring and positive ... two things we truly need in our lives (and our reading). To good health!

Terry Doherty

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

You will see that I left a message earlier but then I got a personal message and just wanted you to know how important this is. BTW, I have another friend who has written on this subject--fiction--her name is Magdalena Ball. You may want to check it out.
Carolyn Howard-Johnson

max said...

It's good to see you promoting in this way. I speak in schools a lot and know how much that helps spread the word about my action-adventures and mysteries for boys.

Max Elliot Anderson

Bastet said...

Just visiting from the blog train. Seems like your book is interesting.

Lynn Voedisch, author of "Excited Light"