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Friday, September 28, 2007

Make Your Emotions Work FOR You, Not Against You!

16 Tishrei, 5768

A survivor of five brain tumors and various treatments to successfully remove them, I'm an avid fan of, a site devoted to survivors of Meningioma Brain Tumors. The site has several posts this week about negative emotions following diagnosis and surgery or other treatments. The messages pain my heart.

One of the features of It's MY Crisis! is the number of emotional coping resources that I present throughout the book. I hope that members of the Meningioma Mommas (and Poppas) group, and people with any sort of medical or psychological diagnosis, will make good use of my book.

I want to put in a plug for Liz Holzmer, creator of She is a powerhouse, raising funds and public awareness about the type of brain tumor labeled Meningioma. It is hardly the benign anomaly that much of the medical world believes. Meningiomas are devasting to mind and body, let alone to the heart and soul. ICD-10 creators and the rest of the medical world need to realize this in order to help people with meningiomas to heal faster and better.

ICD-10, for those of you who do not recognize the term, is the name of an important book compiled by the World Health Organization. It lists every known disease and form of medical treatment worldwide. ICD-10 is a resource for insurance reimbursement, statistical research, and overall medical record supervision. It and the MERCK manual are indispensable to the medical industry.

It's MY Crisis! And I'll Cry if I Need to: A Life Book to Help You to Dry Your Tears and to Cope with a Medical Challenge bears praise from medical and mental health therapists, a Fortune 500 motivational speaker, clergy of different faiths, an NIH researcher, and other relevant individuals. They all agree: It's MY Crisis! can help you to bear the strain of a medical crisis. The book teaches you how to EASILY use your emotions to help your healing along instead of passively letting them drag you down in the dumps.

I use humor, slices of real life and a personal understanding of how to redirect deep emotional turmoil for your personal betterment or that of a loved one in my book. That helps me to present my ideas to my readers. Many of them (and their care givers) report significant emotional improvement after reading my book.

Buy my book, ease your heart and mind for a mere $13.95. The "Resources" section of It's MY Crisis! will alert you to global outlets for assistance that you might want or need.

* Free or price-reduced medicine? I list ways to get them.

* Want to join clinical trials and receive free medical care? Find out how in my book.

* Need some uplifting stuff to read or to hear on CD, tape or in mass media? Check out my book.

* Want to hire medical clowns?

* Order meals for the bed-bound?

* Learn how to travel across town or around the world in dignity despite debilitating realities?

Buy It's MY Crisis! and learn what to do in one reading!

It's MY Crisis! is a book to share with loved ones, friends, and clients of medical and mental health organizations. Pharmacists , owners of gyms, spas and other health-oriented businesses can provide It's MY Crisis! to their clientele. Hospital gift shops can easily stock my book.

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As I celebrate the closing of the Jewish holiday season (this week we are living our lives in huts called Sukkot, to demonstrate our reliance on GOD's beneficence), I ask your understanding for my few posts this month.

To your good health, Yojeved


Nan said...

Your blog deserves more of my time. I'm sorry for all you've been through and hope your troubles are over. I'm one of your blogging buddies from Yvonne Perry's site. All the best, Nan

Yocheved Golani said...

Thanks, Nan. That's what the world is truly for: helping each other.

Best, Yojeved