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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tech Talk at the Speed of Tachyons!

6 Tishrei 5768

Want to calm down after receiving a frightening medical diagnosis? Want to cope with the news to the best of your ability? Read on!


Ever heard of those hard-to-photograph energy particles called Tachyons? Maybe you'll recall hearing about them in association with the String Theory gaining popularity in the science and real worlds. Well, the news about "It's MY Crisis!" is apparently zipping around the world and cyberspace at warp speed. Tachyons seem to be taking the news all over the place ;^ )

Authors need to promote their books and I've been busy selling mine. I touch base with radio show hosts, journalists, and lots of other people, worldwide, as I strive to get the word out about my psyche-saving book. One technique I use is simple E-mail. Another is fax. Posting publicity materials in high-visibility areas in my immediate locale helps, too.

Recipients of my E-mailed and faxed Media Release announcement about the book's publication have obviously been "forwarding" the message around cyberspace and real space. I've been receiving kudos from people I do and do not know. And book sales are going up with all the attention paid to my user-friendly message.

Here are some of the reactions I'm getting from around the wide, wide world:

Way to go!
- Mike Barnett

The book and your career sound remarkable, simply amazing. I will pass on this book's availability, now that it is out. It sounds so important! I will recommend it and recommend you as a life coach. Wonderful that you do such a service!
- Chana Tova Sokol

Sounds like another winner, YG! Should hit the NYT top ten pretty soon.
- Al Hattal

Yiyasher KokhaKhaiKH for this important book. May it have the great success it deserves. I wish I were still reviewing for Publishers Weekly and Kirkus. We were both miraculously saved for a purpose.
- Isaac Mozeson, author of Origin of Speeches

Gosh, everyone I know says 'I shoulda' or 'I wish I had...' after they go through something big. You did it! You wrote a book that helps people to cope! It's amazing.
- Marla Braun

Wishing you hatzlocha (success) on your book and blessings for a sweet New Year filled with all good things.
-S. Greenbaum, creator of Partners in Kindness

Readers are learning to cope better with medical crises by reading my book. Buy your copy today, and consider buying one for someone else who needs it. All the information you need is on the left-hand margin and in previous posts to this blog.

To Your Good Health, Yocheved


marcel said...

chana tova a tous!
ecrivez a de grandes personnalites sur Poste

Unknown said...

Great blog here, Yocheved. Your book sounds very interesting.

I was faced with a medical crisis in 2005 when a tumor was found in my colon. While waiting for my surgery date, I spoke to my body about what was going to happen during the surgery and asked her to remain calm. Maybe I was speaking to the Tachyons. Nevertheless, my surgery went remarkably well. I left the hospital within 48 hours of having 10 inches of my colon removed. There was no cancer and I was back at work on my computer the same day I came home! Everyone was amazed, but I had a lot of positive energy from my loved ones cheering me on. I think that had a lot to do with my speedy recovery.

Yvonne Perry