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Thursday, September 6, 2007


23 Elul 5767

Contact: Yocheved Golani
Ta Doar 36255
Jerusalem, Israel 91361
Phone +972.2.999.8392

For Immediate Release

Readers in Medical Crisis Cope Better with Inspirational New Workbook

Israel – Have you, a friend or a loved one received a nightmarish medical diagnosis? Calm down with It's My Crisis! And I'll Cry if I Need To: A Life Book that Helps You to Dry Your Tears and to Cope with a Medical Challenge by Yocheved Golani and released by Booklocker Publishing (Maine, USA) on Labor Day Weekend 2007.

Defeat Despair with Innovative Book

Physicians know that despair works against the best possible functioning of human bodies. It’s MY Crisis! guides readers towards upbeat outlooks with can-do advice, increasing the chances for successful medical treatments. First, Yocheved validates the need to cry at unsettling medical news. Then she empowers her readers with time-tested coping mechanisms. Readers can take charge of their futures with It's My Crisis!


The book evokes humor, happiness, hope and compassion. Ethereal arms reaching for each other on the book’s cover demonstrate how well It's My Crisis! suits a wide readership. The inspirational message is leaving an indelible mark on society. Here’s why:

· The spiritual content is universal.

· Coping mechanisms in the book are safe, sound, you-can-do-it strategies.

· Reader Comments attest to the book’s effectiveness and popularity at

Whoever the reader, no matter their medical crisis, this book addresses their needs in a forthright, pro-active manner. If it’s about Latino Liver Awareness or Superior Canal Dehiscence, or even managing emotional and various health problems throughout the family, you’ll find terrific resources here. Readers and loved ones sharing this book with them can become pro-active in making dignified, productive responses to the challenges of medical and emotional crises.

Buy your copy directly from Booklocker publishing at and in select stores. It’s MY Crisis! can be shipped worldwide. Specialty editions are available for large organizations.

Doctor Approved

“I’ve given Yocheved’s book to therapists and to several patients on chemotherapy. They found it very helpful.” - Abraham J. Twerski, M.D., Gateways Addiction Rehabilitation Founder and Therapist

International and Interdenominational Praise

“A MUST READ for anyone facing a life-threatening or physically crippling illness... Yocheved’s book provides people with practical advice on how to deal with a crisis… She’s Jewish and I am Christian, but the importance of the spirituality in It’s MY Crisis! was incredibly accurate.”

Carl Phillips, ASTA Certified Hospital Consultant and lay minister
Editor, Wesleyan Way Texas, USA

"The hardest part of any crisis is the worry and fear that accompany it. This life-saving workbook will help you direct your thoughts in positive, constructive ways that will make a big difference for you and your loved one. It's a lantern in a dark night from someone who's 'been there, done that.' And if you follow its suggestions, you'll likely come through the crisis better, not bitter. It's filled with wonderful ideas."

Robin L. Silverman, Fullistic Living(TM) Fortune 500 Motivational Speaker

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For information on It's My Crisis! And I'll Cry if I Need To: A Life Book that Helps You to Dry Your Tears and to Cope with a Medical Challenge, see

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About the Author

A former Health Information Management professional, Ms. Yocheved Golani was stricken with five meningioma brain tumors in fifteen years. After recovering from emergency life-saving surgery for her fourth and fifth brain tumors in 2005, Yocheved became a Life Coach and completed her newest book. Contact Yocheved for interviews in Israel by calling +972.2.999.8392. Send E-mail to

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