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Friday, August 8, 2008



I've received a surprising response to the affirmations I read aloud at my public appearance the other night. The audience LOVED them! People have been calling or stopping me on the sidewalk, asking me for their own personal copies of the affirmations I'd shared with them that night.

They're an outgrowth of the Spiritual Healing Techniques work that I do, and printed on lovely stationery paper. The man who certified me as an SH practitioner owns a copy of them (he requested a copy ages ago).

You can buy a copy of those affirmations.
Contact me at
to arrange that.

One of my friends, author and therapist Liliane Ritchie wrote a book entitled "Connecting with G*D." It portrays an exercise I heartily advocate: writing letters to and from The One Above. Far from an ego-driven or imaginary set-up, a sincere effort to communicate with our Creator can be quite soothing. The letters become affirmations of your life, validation for the value of your presence in the world. And gosh, a highly respected therapist (she's one of many) advocates this activity!

You can write to GOD, too. Step back a bit, and let the words flow from Above. He loves you.

Praying for your emotional comfort,


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