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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Body Surfing


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Yesterday I tested my recommendations for going outdoors, getting sunshine and moving around. I wanted to be sure that a particularly fun activity can be accomplished with readers who cannot easily move by themselves.

I went body surfing.

It was fun. And to make sure that someone with limited to no range of motion can do it, I tested out some equipment and the willing hands of friends. It is indeed safe and doable to enjoy gentle waves when trustworthy people secure you atop an inflatable water mattress, sturdy inner tube (flotation ring) and inside an inflatable air flotation vest.

The safety precautions above are absolutely necessary. So are strong, trustworthy people who will hold onto the floating person and the device they're using.

Stay in GENTLE SURF only. Strong waves can knock over anybody, let alone someone with limited movements. And a faceful of salt water can be intimidating if not dangerous to anyone with breathing problems.

Ask your physical/occupational therapists for more sun and surf coping strategies. Inform the lifeguards of what you're doing, and seize the day. If you can, watch the sun rise or set from shore. The scenery can energize you!

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