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Friday, August 15, 2008

Food for a Healthier Body


My dear friend Rabbi Lazer Brody has this terrific video on his
site, today. It beautifully illustrates some nutritional and GODLY wisdom. Bear in mind that GOD made foods look appealing so we'd be tempted to eat them - according to His rules ;^ )

Having read my book and by visiting this blog, you're aware that in 2005 I learned of the Petroclival Tentorial Meningioma, a benign skull-based tumor, crushing every nerve entering my head from my spine. Only one doctor in Israel was courageous, qualified and skilled enough to remove the life-threatening growth without killing me on the operating table.

But he was concerned that the remnant of a second tumor (discovered during surgery and a surprise to all concerned) that he'd intentionally left inside, and the trauma of the entire episode, could harm me with decreasingly poor vision and declining health lifelong (total removal of that unexpected 2nd tumor would have immediately ended my life) .

Some specialists feared I would go irreversibly blind within months of August 2005 surgery, despite the total removal of the first tumor and removal of most of the second tumor.

So, I endured a three-year-long series of follow-up exams by various specialists. Those doctors are baffled at my recovery, let alone my achievements, but reluctant to discuss them with me. Why?

They're aware that I became an organic RAW FOODS vegetarian who also dines on what are known as "Super Foods" (Maca, Camu Camu, Goji Berries, Spirulina, etc.), herbal teas, natural juices without added sugar, and lots of pure water.

My post-surgical Raw Foods diet and Natural Lifestyle resulted in the almost complete loss of my lifelong nearsightedness and astigmatism, and of my surgically-induced double vision. My eye doctor, a teaching professor, says that I am literally LOSING my need for glasses!

The phenomenal healing of my scars is another story. The surgeon can't detect the surgical site on MRI or with his hands! More exciting than that, I do not suffer cognitive deficits despite horrific damage from the tumors and their surgical removal. The damage healed against medical expectations (they're still looking on the MRI's for my 2nd tumor, which was probably destroyed as I healed overall). When we spoke at my most recent neurological exam this past week, my neurosurgeon said, "You've healed amazingly well. Amazing..."

Surgery on my dominant arm in January 2008 repaired damage from a fracture following an accident. The lead surgeon later informed me that the whole surgical team was SHOCKED to see the healthy condition of my other bones and muscles once they'd opened my arm! They sent for a nurse acquainted with me, to run a facial-identification check IN THE MIDDLE OF SURGERY, to make sure they weren't operating on the wrong patient! BTW, the doctor told me that my bones and muscles are in the condition of a woman HALF my age! No way am I at risk for osteoporosis!

Whenever I broach the topic of my natural healing strategies with my medical team, the chatty doctors become oddly silent. They're confused between what they learned at medical school and the evidence of my recovery.

I'm one of an increasing number of people healing against the odds thanks to HaShem's (GOD) natural pharmacy: pure food and water, adequate rest, optimism, tefila (prayer) and sunshine. The day will come when the Western medical world will acknowledge the healing power of natural strategies. The Tuv HaBorei (Compassionate Creator) provided them. And they're healing far too many people to be overlooked. You could become one of them!

Have a healthier rest of your life when you indulge in the nutritional treats for body and soul in the above video, and other body-building, body-healing foods.

OH - Be sure to thank GOD for them ;^ )


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