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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Commit Focused Acts of Kindness


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One of my friends asked me to share the following thought with you because she and other people feel inspired when I share it aloud every so often: I'm healing because I'm doing good things for myself.

Yes, I've become an organic foods diner. Yes I work out increasingly harder as my body permits. Yes I receive Cranio Sacral Therapy.
Yes I do EFT work. Yes I practice what I preach in terms of good mental health. Yes I pray incessantly. Yes I reach for friends and YES I do favors for them, too. And I work at smiling all day long. It cheers up whomever sees me grinning, and I feel better for it, too.

And NO, I cannot pin down my healing/coping successes on one particular strategy. ALL my strategies work as One BIG Strategy combined!

Unlike that once-popular slogan asking people to "Commit Random Acts of Kindness," I practice Focused Acts of Kindness: On myself, and on others.

Randomness is not a virtue. Focus is a virtue and it pays worthwhile dividends. Aim your mind at your medical challenges and practice coming up with solutions to them. Consider how you can ease the pressure on those around you, especially on the people caring for you in many different ways.

There's a reason that I'm welcome whenever I visit with friends or run into them by chance. People know that I'm aiming for better than my present situation and/or theirs. And I constantly try to put everyone concerned at ease.

Opera singer Beverly Sills once explained to a reporter she retained her beautiful smile despite many hardships in her life, "I have a cheerfulness habit. Even if I don't feel happy inside, I can behave pleasantly on the outside."

Imagine how well that attitude served her as life dished out its hardships. The same attitude can do wonders for you, too.

I heard Miss Sills say the above on radio, when I was a girl. It launched my lifelong drive to remain pleasant no matter what I have to face. And I've faced lots of hardship with my medical history.

So do you.

Mimic me and many of the tricks of the cheerfulness trade that I've learned over time. Read my book and learn all about them. Some tips will make you shake with laughter, others will prompt you to sit quietly and contemplate a bit of profound wisdom. The quotes in my book cover centuries' worth of good attitudes from diverse public figures.

I might just include some of the marvelously intelligent remarks by recently deceased Professor Randy Pausch in my next book (in progress for months). CLICK HERE
for a focused look at his life.

To your improving mindset,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
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